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Pepita Bawkbegokk, Queen of the Fairies

Queening is Hard!

Pepita Bawkbegokk, Queen of the Fairies!
7 August
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A long long time ago, my mommy was the Queen of the Fairies. She made a baby with a human man who had a head that looked like a donkey and that baby was me! She didn't want to have a baby that looked like a human so she told my Uncle Robin Goodfellow to drown me in a burlap sack in the river. Instead, he turned me into a chicken and sent me to live with some very nice chicken farmers, where I lived for two hundred years and then my mommy was killed by her political rivals and she didn't have any other babies so they made me Queen!

Queening is hard work! I have to make declarations about things like land grants and taxation, but I also get to tell the cook to make cake every day! I like the pink ones! Also, I have the best woodland friends. The little micey and birdies make me the prettiest dresses with lots of bows and sparkles.

It is nice to meet you!

This journal is kept by teaberryblue based on a character from Seas of Erin. Any resemblance to real chicken fairy queens living or dead is purely coincidental.
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